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  • Update to Website and New Project

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    Update to Website and New Project

    Hello everyone!

    It's been some time since I've posted here and I'd like to point out that we've updated the system that runs our web site, as well as added a new project we're calling Hopcopter.

    Many of you know games like Hopcopter, it is going to be a simple mobile game (we figure our ambitions for Brel were a little high, so we're putting it on hold for now).

    Hopcopter is a helicopter piloting game that has you infinitely traverse through an ever closing and more difficult cavern for as long as you can. See how far you can get!
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  • Streaming & Change in Staffing

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    Streaming & Change in Staffing

    So we've decided to start to do something a little different, alongside our active development of our titles, we are also avid gamers and would like to show that side of us.
    As such, we often do live streams of us gaming. This being the case we have opened up a new web site,

    This web site provides links that allow you to watch our stream (all streams are synchronized) or just have links to our different channels across multiple platforms.

    Also, while we do have Forums here, they are primarily meant for our products, we have a gaming community sitting elsewhere (registration is not linked). The streaming page also is linked to that and back to here.

    I know it seems like we've been inactive for a while, but it's primarily because we have a lot to work on! We will be working to get as much done as possible so that we have stuff to show you soon!

    Don't worry we will, but right now we only have one person working...
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  • First Programmer Blog Post

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    First Programmer Blog Post

    Hello everyone,

    Earlier I decided to make a programmer blog post, so if you're interested in how to start coding without actually starting coding, feel free to check out the blog.
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  • Announcing Brel

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    Announcing Brel

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the new Tuned Chaos web site!

    Along with the launch of this web site, and the forum we are announcing our new project, a First Person Real Time Strategy Shooter we are calling Brel!

    While I'd love to go over the information I am able to provide about Brel here in this post, there's a handy little Projects link up there at the top where you can read all about it!

    Of course, you can read all about it by clicking here as well.

    If you are interested in discussing Brel, please, do so over at our Forums by clicking here or the link at the top of the page.
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