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What is Hopcopter?

Hopcopter is a simple infinite flight mobile game.

What is Hopcopter about?

Getting your helicopter as far into the cavern as possible.

What platforms is it being released for?

  • Android
  • iOS

What game engine will you be using?

We are using Unity, we believe this is the best engine available to us to develop a project of this type and scope.



What is Brel?

Brel is a Class Based, Squad Based, Team Based, First Person Real Time Strategy Shooter

What is Brel about?

You are on the newly discovered planet Brel and play as a member of either the sinister Corporation or the Rats.
The Corporation wishes to terraform the planet with intent for use in business and mining operations, while the Rats really just want to live there peacefully and in harmony with the land as farmers.
However, the peace has broken and a war between the two factions has broken out.
Do you wish to fight for profit or fight for a home?

What platforms is it being released for?

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

Why make Brel?

As avid gamers we have played numerous games, and in the FPS/RTS Crossover genre we are relatively dissatisfied, we have always felt like, in such games that if you don't have an effective commander you are usually going to lose. Well, we want to take that commander out of the equation. There will be NO top down RTS view in Brel, and there will be NO live commander.

But you said Real Time Strategy

Yes, we did, because there will still be building and resource management. We are not comfortable releasing absolute details about these mechanics just yet but trust us, we've got some solid and unique ideas!

What are the classes

There will be four classes with distinct abilities in Brel, the following lists the class and their abilities.
  • Recon/Sniper
    • Spotter
    • Stationary Active Camouflage
  • Infantry
    • Heals
    • Revives
  • Engineer
    • Repairs
    • Demolitions
  • Support
    • Ammo Drop
    • Manned Turret

What game engine will you be using?

We are using Unreal Engine 4, we believe this is the best engine available to us to guarantee the quality we want, as well as the feature set we wish to implement.